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If you want step-by-step strategic guidance to grow your business AND the ease of letting an expert take care of the copywriting and tech for your opt-in and sales funnels, keep reading...

From the Desk of Cloris Kylie...

Think about the struggles you’re having in your business right now…

Now picture what would happen if instead of being overwhelmed and unsure of how to turn things around...

...what if instead you had personalized guidance to implement the best marketing tactics FOR YOU based on your individual style, value and skills?

And what if you could also have an expert take care of the copywriting and the technology to grow your list and sell your products and programs so you could focus on doing only on what you do best and truly enjoy?

How much time, money, and stress would that save you?
How much joy would that bring to your life?
How many more people would you be able to help?
How would the financial future of you and your family change?

If you're ready to GET THINGS DONE, then click on the button below to apply for a 30-min client attraction session, where we'll talk about your current business situation and I'll tell you about all the options we have to work together, including my done-for-you programs.

When you work with me you'll know exactly how to:
  • Grow your platform and instantly build authority by leveraging connections with influencers and JV partners
  • Refine your business foundation (niche audience, products/programs, and technology) for a sustainable business that thrives in the long term
  • Own and take action on your goals to bring your business to that ideal place you’ve always dreamed of
  • Wow and engage potential clients and customers by only spending your time on the marketing channel that works best for your particular business, values, and style
AND I'll personally handle the design and creation of your your opt-in and sales funnels so that you maximize the growth of your email list and your business revenue
Now you have a choice... 

Do you continue feeling overwhelmed and confused as you try to find what works best to attract the right clients?

Do you continue being stuck because of the mind-boggling copywriting and technology? 

OR do you let me guide you and take care of the most critical pieces of your digital marketing so you can serve your clients at the highest level and boost your revenue?

"Cloris's expertise has helped me better understand my business”

“Cloris Kylie is a shining role model of the Client Attraction Marketing work she offers to the marketplace. In every interaction, Cloris creates value, builds relationship and is always on the lookout as to how she can be of support. In addition, Cloris knows her stuff. She's a veracious learner, and has learned her craft from some of the top names in the world of online marketing. Building on her unique foundation as an engineer and an entrepreneur, Cloris is able to take the complex and break it down into easy to understand systems that can be replicated and scaled for business success. Her expertise has helped me better understand my business.”

Alain Hunkins
Leadership Development Consultant

"I was blown away by Cloris's over-delivery of high-quality, useful information and instruction that works!"

“Cloris is a great coach and someone I listen to because she knows what she's talking about. I am a best-selling author, but I don't YET have a "business" other than book sales. And, as usual, I was blown away by Cloris' over-delivery of high-quality, useful information and instruction that works! I began implementing Cloris' instructions immediately - that's how much trust I have in her!"

Greg Kuhn
Bestselling Author of the "Why Quantum Physicists" Series, Speaker, and Coach

"Cloris guides you step by step through what it takes to be successful in an online business"

"Cloris guides you step by step through what it takes to be successful in an online business. If you follow her guidance, you will be able to bypass many of the mistakes I made when I started. She's been there and she knows how it's done and she can teach you how to do it, too." 

Michelle Martin Dobbins
Author of "Personal Alchemy" and "Relationship Alchemy," Blogger, and Online Trainer

"You will see immediate results that will save you money"

“Cloris is an expert in her field when it comes to helping online marketers succeed. Before you spend another dollar on paid advertising you need to get her training. you will see immediate results that will save you money."

Paul McManus
Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach

"Highly accessible to answer all your questions!"

I enrolled in Business Breakthrough Circle and the numerous lessons in it helped me to strengthen the business side of my author tasks. Cloris Kylie is a knowledgeable instructor, but even more than that, she is highly accessible to answer all your questions and is always kind and respectful. I highly recommend her courses!

Debbie Herbert
Multi-published Author of Suspense and Romance Books

"Cloris empowers her clients with an infectious and wonderful positive attitude !"

"Cloris, you're a coach whose passion to help your clients get meaningful and measurable results is a key part of your own, personal brand. Your ability to combine diverse concepts and turn them into practical actions is abundantly evident in your courses. You are a visionary who empowers your clients with an infectious and wonderful positive attitude!"

Bill Doerr
Marketing Consultant
Let me guide you to:
  • Find the business model that best fits your style, values and goals
  • Select the best niche market to maximize impact and profit
  • Design and promote your products and programs so that they sell!
  • Build an engaged list of subscribers so that more people open your emails and click on your links
  • Monetize your list, including what emails to send and when!
  • Create sales funnels that convert--and how to lead people to your core offer
  • Choose the marketing channel that best matches your preferences, personality, and ideal audience
  • Leverage connections with influencers and leaders of marketing platforms to instantly build authority, tap into a new source of high-quality referrals, and grow your revenue and impact
  • Maximize registrations and sales on your webinars, including the best webinar sequence and structure for you
  • How to boost your impact and revenue through joint venture partnerships
  • How to scale your business so that you don’t purely rely on trading hours for money
My done-for-you services include:
  • Opt-in funnels to grow your list (strategy, design, copywriting, optimization)
  • Sales funnels for maximum revenue from your online courses, products and programs (strategy, design, copywriting, optimization)
  • Webinar funnels for coaching consultations and product sales (live and evergreen webinars)
  • Quiz funnels to grow your list and engage your subscribers

"I’m ready to turn my idea into a lucrative business model"

“Before I started working with Cloris in Business Breakthrough Circle, I had a long list of about 20 to 30 ideas I could be focusing on in my new business. Cloris, from her experience, helped me pick what best fit my talents and the needs of the marketplace. She helped me get a clear direction on who I can serve and how I can serve them. Now I’m ready to turn my idea into a lucrative business model.”

Fabian Markl
Marketing Consultant

"If you want your business to take off you need to hire Cloris"

“Cloris is the ultimate strategist, knowing exactly what needs to be done first so that I build a truly secure platform on which to grow my business. Not only is she is a pleasure to work with, but she also has a special way of getting me to do things I may procrastinate on. She doesn't let anything slide by her, that is for sure. I cannot recommend Cloris enough. If you want to get your business to take off you need to hire Cloris. You won't regret it!!"

Fiona Bain, MBA
Empowerment Coach

"A real treasure for entrepreneurs wanting to discover how to have fun and be successful"

“An act of kindness and a passion for excellence describes Cloris, which makes her a real treasure for entrepreneurs wanting to discover how to have fun and be successful”
John Frazier
America’s Chief Entrepreneur Champion
Consultant, Author, and Radio/TV Host

"Clear, step-by-step guidance that will help me grow my list much faster"

“I worked with Cloris on the optimization of my lead magnet and landing page. She provided clear, step-by-step guidance that will help me grow my list much faster.”
Marjorie Saulson
Public Speaking Coach
This is your chance to take a solid step toward the future you’ve envisioned for your business.
People out there deserve to access your brilliant gifts!
Reveal your magnificence!

About Cloris Kylie

Cloris Kylie, marketing MBA and influencer marketing specialist, shows you how to create a strong marketing foundation and tap into connections with influencers to grow a magnificent business that thrives over the long term.

The bestselling author of "Beyond Influencer Marketing" and the host of "Beyond Influencer Marketing Podcast," she has been featured on network television, and on top-ranked podcasts and YouTube shows, including the #1 podcast for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs On Fire.

Cloris’s articles have been published on websites with millions of followers, such as TinyBuddha, MindBodyGreen, and Addicted2Success.

Cloris’s unique background in industrial engineering and marketing allows her to design efficient and effective solutions for her clients, but Cloris knows you need more than tactics to succeed. That's why she also empowers you to, as she says, “Reveal your magnificence.”

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